Social Media Boundaries

Social media effects us all whether we recognize it or not.  It effects how we see the world, how we view others, and how we interact with others.  It also effects how we interact with ourselves- our self talk and body image.  How many girls out there reading this right now scroll through Instagram, see the latest transformation post, and ultimately feel bad about themselves or feel as though they need to change, too?  I understand that many of these posts are supposed to be “inspirational” and “motivating,” but do we really need motivation to be anything and anyone else than who we are right now in this very moment?  Nope.  If you change in some facet, making lifestyle/health choices, that’s your personal decision that really shouldn’t be inspired by some random stranger’s latest ab shot.  And deep down in your heart of hearts, you know that even if you did exactly what that person did, you’re unlikely to look like them.  Why?  Simply put, because you’re you.

So you’re trying to improve your body image but you also don’t want to be completely disconnected from social media, either.  I get that, and that’s okay.  Here are some things you can change to better support where you are right now in your journey.

1 – Clean out your accounts!  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.  Un-follow accounts that aren’t healthy for you and un-friend people who bring only negativity into your life.  It’s not that you’re being mean or harsh, it’s about creating boundaries.  We are taught (to some degree) about boundaries in life.  We know that it’s okay to speak up if someone is making us uncomfortable or saying something inappropriate in our work environment.  Social media isn’t much different.  We still have the right to create healthy boundaries, and that includes un-following, un-friending, and deleting accounts that don’t support you and your goals.  Who we surround ourselves with matters (didn’t our parents always say that?), and in this day and age, who we follow on social media matters, too.

2 – Be real.  I know that filters are fun sometimes, but do your best to refrain from using them when you are in the picture.  If you want to make your food shots a little brighter, I get that, and that’s okay.  If you’re trying to get a good picture of a flower and toning down the sun glare helps, that’s okay.  But don’t use filters to make your skin look a little tanner or your hips a little smaller or your thighs a bit more toned.  Get rid of those apps that are made for editing, improving, and altering our bodies.

3 – Follow body positive accounts!  There are so many great ones our there, just start hunting and you’ll find a million.  This doesn’t mean you can’t follow fit people; it just means that you follow people who aren’t just about fitness and food but also spread messages of love, light, hope, and positivity.  Follow people who bring smiles to your face and warmth to your heart.

4 – Read awesome blogs that support these messages and help you to continue working on these aspects of yourself.  A few ones I personally love are: RealLife-RD, Immaeatthat, and The Militant Baker, to name just a few.

5- Don’t try to be anyone but you, and remind yourself of this on a regular basis.  The truth is, I think we all still struggle, even those who have great body-image.  We all have things to continue working on and we all have insecurities to some degree.  When someone else reminds of you of how you wish you could be, remember, you are exactly who you need to be right now.  And you are on your own path.

Life is glorious but we often get sucked into all the negativity that can surround us on a regular basis.  Remember to be the light in your own life.  Disconnect from the messages that bring you no joy in this life.  Life is just too short for all that negative nonsense!

Until the next post, have a happy week 🙂

When you live in Florida, you feel like every day is meant for Froyo 😀

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