WIAW: Random day off!

Hey all – So the journey of life continues.  As you know by now, our dream of moving to and living in Nashville has been halted, perhaps for good.  We’ve accepted that we’ll be staying in Orlando, and maybe even for the long haul.  The downside: most of my friends and family from other areas loathe Orlando and don’t plan on visiting us much :-/  The upside: we enjoy our jobs here, have greater opportunity for career growth, and we know the area well by now.  Maybe it’s becoming more of a home to us, after all.  But the 95 – 110 degree days here, uhm, I could do without.  It’s been that hot lately.  Deathly.  I’m melting.  Can’t even take the boys for a walk anymore.  Now I take them for drives in a cooled down, air-conditioned car.

And so begins the house hunt.  It’s overwhelming and feels nearly impossible, as we’re limited with location due to schools (we want good ones).  We also have a teeny tiny budget.  Needless to say, that process is exhausting.

With all the craziness, some of my eats have become a little weird and piecemeal.  The husband and I did enjoy a day together this week.  Which, truthfully, was spent doing errands and visiting the doctor.  We did have an awesome breakfast at a local bakery in the Milk District.  The hubs had a cinnamon sugar donut and a lemon bar.  I enjoyed a super amazing s’mores cup.  Layers of graham crackers, chocolate ganache, more grahams, and marshmallows.  Obviously, I had coffee, as well.  The bakery is all vegan and oh…so…good. Valhalla bakery, for those interested in checking it out.  #intuitiveeating.  I have to say, I really did love this breakfast out.  It was nontraditional and more like dessert, but I was totally okay with that.  The Kate from over 8 years ago never would have been okay with that.  But this Kate loved every bite 🙂

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After breakfast, we brought my co-worker crew some donuts, too.  Then headed out to a doctor appointment.  Getting older means getting new glasses.  We also got some grocery shopping done, though I’m always bound to forget something.  Failed on getting cream for coffee.  Then… snack time.

Banana + my favorite sunflower seed butter 😀

We also did some house hunting and laundry.  That about did it for our random day off.  I didn’t get good pictures of the rest of my foods :-/  Lunch was piecemeal – A Smari yogurt, which is super delish if you haven’t tried it yet.  I get it at Target when it’s on sale or discounted through Cartwheel.  Also, a Larabar.  Have you tried the pineapple upside down one, yet?  I loved it!  And obviously, 90% dark chocolate with PB&Co. dark chocolate dreams on top.

Dinner has been the same every night for a while now.  I can prep it ahead of time, and it includes all the good stuff: protein, carbs, veggies, and fat.  Brown rice with veggies, baked tempeh, and mixed up with mashed avocado.  Plus, a side salad with balsamic dressing.

Dessert has been So Delicious coconut milk ice cream.  I’ve been enjoying the strawberry flavor topped with the dark chocolate peanut butter.  Oh man, oh man, oh man.  SO GOOD.


I hope you are having an awesome weekend with lots of fun activities!  Relax, unwind, and do whatever it is that your soul needs 🙂  Lots of love and light to you, my friends ❤

Side note: The boys are 8 months old!  These buggers are my whole world! 🙂  #momlife 

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