A Little Personal Post

I’ve decided to make a personal post, which is a bit different.  I generally include a little about myself and my life, but I have yet to dive into any real details.  So here goes.

What’s been happening in our lives lately?  Well, obviously babies!  The babes are 7 MONTHS OLD this week!  Can’t believe it, and yet there’s also a part of me that feels like they must be a year old by now.  So yeah, babies babies babies.  Work work work.  That’s 98% of life.  1% of life is food prep, washing dishes/bottles, doing and folding and putting away laundry, reading and studying nutrition related information, and probably social media (I’d be lying if I didn’t include social media.)  The other 1% is well…worry and anxiety, if I’m to be completely honest.

I’m registered and ready to begin a MS degree in the fall (in nutrition).  A part of me wants to pursue this, and another part of me thinks that maybe I can’t afford this right now (or ever?)  A part of me enjoys my career, and a part of me knows that I really just want my own business-that I’m born to be entrepreneur.  Another part of me feels like I’m not good enough, not smart enough, not ready… I’ve told myself that I’m not ready for 4 years now.  It’s growing ever-discouraging, as you can imagine.  If I think about this logically, I know that it’s true-I don’t have and wouldn’t have clients at this point, I don’t know enough about starting up a private business, and I don’t have the finances for it.  Then there’s the other aspect, which is and isn’t logical…self-doubt, self-doubt, self-doubt.  Finally, lack of time has to also be figured in there somewhere.  Now, I suppose most people would also say, “you just had babies!  Give yourself some time to adapt to that first.  Wait it out.”  But let me look back at my life:  I waited to be healthy and well; I waited to complete college and my internship; I waited to move until I felt ready to leave my family behind; I’m waiting until we move and settle in Nashville; I’m waiting until I have my MS; I’m waiting until I take photography class; I’m waiting until my kids are older.  So I guess I’ll wait the rest of my life.  This is how it often feels.  Is this what they call snowball thinking?  I think it might be.

I had a patient ask me about weight loss this week.  I talked to the person for a long while regarding the topic.  In the end, the patient told me to write a book.  I didn’t tell them about my blog or of my dreams and aspirations.  I smiled and gave them some handouts.  But in my heart, there’s so much more to share.  So much passion.  So much love.

To better organize my thoughts and share with YOU my goals/passions, here are some bullet-points (I’m a list maker…):

  • I want to help women treat themselves with the love, kindness, and respect they deserve.
  • I want to help people understand that food isn’t directly related to their weight, but it is related to their health status.
  • I want to share my own journey, recovery, and joy with others to help them understand that there is hope and light ahead of them.
  • I want to share yoga practice with others to help them understand that their body is far more than an image in a mirror.
  • I want to help others achieve peace of mind and stress relief through meditation and guided imagery work.
  • I want to inspire others to love themselves and their bodies even when they don’t reflect the images they see in magazines or on social media.  I want to share that it’s GOOD/HEALTHY to have cellulite, flab, giggle, rolls, and anything/everything else that your body does have.
  • I want to help others learn to prepare meals that are nourishing and satisfying.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I’ll leave you here, I suppose.  I’m on call from home today and need to get back to work…and it’s almost time for another baby feeding.  Hopefully the boys will be trying rice cereal this weekend!  We’ll see –  I’ll keep you posted on that 😛

Happy living, ya’ll!  And thanks to everyone who shared their love and hope with me this week ❤

In *completely* unrelated news, we found and fostered the most adorable kitten recently!  She is the sweetest little thing ever!  Luckily, she found a wonderful home 🙂  We’re TOTAL animal LOVERS lol.

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