Meet the RD

Hey ya’ll!  Thanks for coming to this blog.  It’s actually my third(?) blog — I’ve had a few that didn’t stick quite right.  So, here we are.  A little about me: I’m a registered dietitian, a mom to twin boys and two cats, a yoga teacher, and a strong advocate of intuitive eating.  I LOVE oatmeal and eat it for breakfast 90% of the time.  I also love bananas and every nut butter under the sun.  I also enjoy hiking, walking, yoga, and relaxing bike rides, most of which I rarely find time for these days.  Oh, did I mention that I have twin boys?  I’m lucky if I shower and pee before developing a UTI.

My husband and I currently reside in Orlando, FL.  We’ve been here for the past 2 years.  He works in the hotel industry, so this was the best place for him for a bit.  But now that we have our kids, we really want to buy a home and settle.  So, we’re heading up to the Nashville area sometime soon.  Hence, the name of the blog.  I was going to name the blog Nashville Nutrition (which I think is more fitting), but that domain was already purchased, and it costs $16,000 for anyone interested.  Being that I need to feed my family and you know, survive, I didn’t purchase the domain.  Most dietitians loathe being called nutritionists, though, just an FYI.  Honestly, I sort of don’t care.  I’m registered and hold a license, so technically speaking, I am a dietitian, not a nutritionist.

My background as a dietitian is varied.  I’ve worked in acute clinical care, long term care, school nutrition and food service, sports nutrition, community nutrition, and retail dietetics (with a grocery store).  But my heart is in counseling.  I love helping others learn to see the benefits of health and wellness by forming a healthy relationship with food and exercise.  My passion is working with chronic dieters and disordered eating/ eating disorders.  If that’s you, then you’ve definitely come to the right place!

I’ll be sharing lots on this blog, including nutrition information and opinions, insight into my own experiences and lifestyle, and personal tidbits related to my life and family.  If you have specific questions or concerns that you’d like addressed, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email (  I’ll do my best to address questions in blog posts and to respond to emails as quickly as possible.  I’ll also be sharing recipes, my own meals and food adventures, and video posts.  Getting things started will likely be a slow process but I do hope to find some rhythm and consistency.

Please stay tuned and share with friends and family if you like what you read 🙂  Have an awesome week, ya’ll!

Some donuts/ apple fritter we recently enjoyed at Five Daughters Bakery in Nashville.

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